What is SASA?

SASA is a program created to bring out the best in all soccer players! Training through drills and games, we work to help athletes master fundamental soccer skills. We at SASA believe the key to success is to have strong fundamental skills and confidence on the field.

SASA provides one-day-a-week camps separated by age. Each week we will introduce a new skill, such as passing, dribbling, defensive technique or shooting. We will work at each skill until each athlete excels at it and becomes an all-around better athlete.

SASA also offers personal training for those athletes who want more practice and individual attention. In private sessions we focus on individual player’s strengths and weaknesses so that each athlete can master needed skills and reach their full potential.

What to Expect from SASA

  • Participants will leave the camp with stronger fundamental soccer skills
  • Each athlete will be a stronger and more confident player
  • Each athlete will leave with more knowledge of the game
  • No matter what skill level of the athlete, they will see improvement in their skills
  • A positive learning environment


SASA is committed to strengthening and refining every student’s game. Each session is designed to isolate elements of individual’s game to develop a deeper understanding of effective technique, form, and body position. Students receive positive instructive feedback tailored to specific needs to support athletic and personal development.

What SASA has to offer:

  • Month long sessions
  • Summer sessions (Monday – Thursday)
  • One on one training with a coach
  • Team Training
  • College bound program