These are our  four week long Sunday sessions that are designed to train  athletes on the fundamentals of soccer. Any level athlete will see  improvement in their game! Great for any skill level and those who just  want extra push in their skills.

  • First time $100 ( Includes Shirt)
  • Following Sessions $75 ( No Shirt Included)


These sessions are Monday -Thursday and designed to train athletes on the fundamentals. They are held from 8am-9am (Early Bird Session) OR from 9am-10am and help quickly develop athletes into stronger players. Great for athletes of all levels. If you never played and would like to get started its great, to if your a star and just need extra work and an extra push!

  • 1 session $200


Private sessions are great for athletes who want to not only gain strong fundamentals but want to be personally evaluated and shown what they specifically need to be great. Each session we ask questions and study the athletes game to pin point their weaknesses and work on those! Great for any athlete who knows soccer is their passion and wants to improve!

  • 1 session $50
  • 1 session but also participating in one of our camps $35

One on One


Group training is great for groups of 2-5 to really get ahead in their skills. With these sessions we evaluate each player closely and pin point their weakness and help them improve on them. The small group training is good because it allows each athlete to work closely with a coach but also competitively with athletes their age! Small group training is very beneficial for athletes looking to improve quickly!

  • 1 session $60 for 2 athletes, then $15 for every additional athlete.

Small Group


If you are a coach/team and you would like one the SASA coach to come in and help run some practices this is what team training is for. We communicate closely with the coach and find what skills the team needs to work on as a whole. We then come up with drills and fitness routines that will benefit the team and make them stronger as a whole. It is a great way to take a team to the next level!

  • 1 practice $150
  • 2 practices $300
  • 3 practices $375
  • 4 practices $400

Team Training


The college bound program caters to competitive high school-aged soccer players that need to stay in shape as they transition towards college level soccer. This is a great program to prepare for the demands of fitness testing, preseason, and try outs. We meet three times a week for three weeks – replicating the intensity of a preseason or try out. Participants of this program have found that they felt more confident and prepared for the demands of their programs.

  • 3 weeks $600

If you book one practice then would like to do a bundle deal, we can subtract the first session, already paid amount from the bundle.

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