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Our curriculum operates as a cumulative process with each session building off the last. This provides repetition and allows students to devote time to fundamental techniques. With a solid foundation of dribbling, passing, long range kicking, shooting, and body positioning – students will be better equipped to respond to the tactical demands of their outside teams. We believe proper development of soccer technique is the result of steady and conscious engagement over time – which is why Skillfully Active Soccer Academy is committed to providing session packages. Students enroll in 4 sessions that are spaced out over one months time providing a revisit and focus on individual skills. This gives athletes the ability to use what they learn each week in their practices and games with outside teams.

Day 1: Dribbling

Soccer Development: Dribbling, Ball Control (Power and Accuracy)

  •  “Pele” touches on the ball – assessment of form and feedback
  •  Dribbling Drills (repetition of various touches, slaloming, 1v1s, 2v1s) –
  • Trapping and Receiving Difficult Balls (on the ground/out of the air)

Athletic Development: Agility, Balance, and Coordination

Day 2: Passing, Long Balls, Shooting

Soccer Development: Passing, Long Balls and Shooting (Accuracy, Controlling Power

and Weight)

  • “Pele” touches on the ball – warm up with repetition and continuing to
  • Tight and controlled passing ‡ slowly opening up to long controlled focusing on different surfaces of the feet, speed of play, and control refine technique from previous session crosses (maintaining accuracy and proper form when adding distance). Focusing on form and controlling your entire power like setting
  • Crossing and Finishing Drill – applying technique in a faster paced/ game

Athletic Development: Physical Strength, Hip Activation, Balance, Body Awareness

Day 3: Assertiveness, Body Positioning

Soccer Development: Using body position to create options: passing, holding, taking

on players while under pressure

  • “Pele” touches under pressure – warm up with repetition and continuing
  • 1v1s – winning the ball and producing: passing, holding, or taking on
  • Finding a target under pressure to refine technique from previous session players
  •  Defensive body Positioning to force mistakes and win the ball

Athletic Development: Assertiveness, Poise, Body Positioning

Day 4: Putting it All Together

Soccer Development: Using all the techniques worked on in game-like scenarios

  • “Pele” touches under pressure – warm up with repetition and continuing
  • 1v1 build up to 4v4s
  • Skill Sequence Drill: dribble slalom ‡ pass ‡ cross ‡ 1v1 ‡ shot on goal

Athletic Development: Endurance, Versatility, Competitiveness to refine technique from previous session


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