3 Tips for Success

As athletes, we’ve all had our ups and down. We’ve played on great championship teams with undefeated seasons and we’ve played on teams with great players that didn’t finish as well as anticipated. Throughout our experiences, we’ve learned a few things that we’d like to share with you:

    There are great players with tons of natural ability. We have learned that regardless of size, agility, skill or ability, soccer is a game that cannot be won or lost by a single player – it takes an entire team. Great teams aren’t built around a single player, but rather a group that works well together to accomplish a goal. The quicker you can understand this, the quicker you will see your game elevate.
    As experienced athletes, we’ve seen great talent fall short from poor decisions made off the field. It’s important to consider all elements of your health: emotional, spiritual, physical, mental & recreational – and to make sure you are making right conscious decisions every day. Things will happen in all our lives that are beyond our control. By focusing on healthy balance of these 5 pillars, when major events happen you will be prepared!
  3. COMPETE!!!
    A competitive attitude starts with believing you will win every day. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself that “I need to be the best at what I do”. Take pride in doing things right, honestly and to your best possible ability.

Most important is keeping a positive can-do attitude. Regardless of your skill level or age. You can start controlling your destiny by approaching all your life challenges with a will to win!

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